Revolutionary methods to measure range of motion of joints



Our Flagship product.

Obtain ROM of the hand joints in seconds. Save time and money


Save time and money by using Joint-Mo to measure range of motion of joints by using your computer's camera


No need to manipulate the hand and/or stabilized joints while measuring active ROM.


No direct contact with goniometers that have been used hundreds of time.


reports are generated immediately and can be exported into multiple formats.

The Yadometer

Measure hand joints Range of Motion (ROM)

Measuring the ROM of the joints of the hand is an essential part of the hand exam. Trauma, degenerative disease, among other can cause impared ROM. Currently the only method to objectively measure ROM of the hand is using a goniometer a cumbersome, operator dependent tool that takes a significant amount of time to generate the values of all joints of the hand

The Yadometer

The Yadometer uses the Leap Motion device to track the movements of the joints of the hand and generate ROM values... IN SECONDS. The Yadometer is a touch-free, quick and reliable solution to measure ROM of the hand.

Why should you use the Yadometer?

It provides a time-efficient way to to measure ROM of the hand. It is pain-free and quick (your patients will appreciate it).


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